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BGCLAH Produces Winner of Youth Award


Boys and Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor pic

Boys and Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor

Whittier College alumnus Nick Tonsich is a lawyer who served as a managing partner at Glaser & Tonsich LLP from 1998 to 2014. Mr. Tonsich now serves as the president of Ocean Terminal Services, Inc., a maintenance and repair company located in San Pedro, California. Outside of his professional obligations, Nick Tonsich works at the San Pedro and Wilmington branches of the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor (BGCLAH).

BGCLAH was established in 1937 with a mission to help young people achieve their maximum potential through a wide range of quality programs provided in safe and inspiring environments. The clubs currently operate in 13 locations and influence the lives of at least 2,000 children every day.

As a testament to its work, BGCLAH recently announced that one of its beneficiaries, 18-year-old Melanie Fontelera, made history when she became the first young person from the Harbor area to be named as Los Angeles County Youth of the Year.

A model student, Fontelera is a senior at San Pedro High School. She has already been accepted by 10 colleges with several scholarship offers. Fontelera credits BGCLAH as an important factor in her journey.

Parenting Programs at Toberman Neighborhood Center


Parenting Programs pic

Parenting Programs

Former attorney Nick Tonsich leads Clean Air Engineering-Maritime, Inc. (CAEM), and Ocean Terminal Services, Inc. (OTS), in Los Angeles as president and chief executive officer. In addition to these roles, Nick Tonsich serves on various boards and belongs to the board of trustees of Toberman Community Center.

Since 1903, Toberman Neighborhood Center (TNC) has worked to help its community in areas such as gang prevention, academic programs, and family services, such as parenting classes. TNC currently maintains three parenting programs, Triple P and Raising Thriving Kids in addition to Grandparents as Parents.

The Triple P, or Positive Parenting Program, highlights how parents can dramatically change how their family operates by making small changes or adhering to simple routines. In essence, the program instructs parents to understand the way their family functions and find a structure that is harmonious and sustainable. Triple P also teaches parents various strategies for dealing with problem behaviors consistently and positively.

Meanwhile, the Raising Thriving Kids program lasts 10 hours over the course of five sessions. The goal of this program is to teach parents about the 40 Developmental Assets that have been laid out by the Search Institute. Taught through TNC’s academic programs, these assets serve as foundational skills for all children. Upon completing Raising Thriving Kids, parents obtain a certificate of completion.

Port of Los Angeles Charter High School

Port of Los Angeles Charter High Schoolpic

Port of Los Angeles Charter High School

Nick Tonsich, who leads Clean Air Engineering Maritime, Inc., in San Pedro, California, is a proud supporter of the Port of Los Angeles Charter High School. From 2009 until 2012, Nick Tonsich sat on the board of trustees for this institution, which has offered a free education emphasizing college prep since 2003.

Helping students achieve their goals in higher education, the Port of Los Angeles Charter High School maintains a specialized curriculum in international affairs and maritime studies for those interested in majoring in those fields in the future. With an emphasis on understanding global events and cultures, as well as technological proficiency, graduates are able to communicate effectively and become better world citizens.

The school holds many awards and certifications, most recently achieving the 2015 California Gold Ribbon Schools Award, recognizing the positive climate and creativity in its teaching methods. Graduation and college enrollment rates hover around 98 percent, with many students going on to prestigious schools such as UC Berkeley and Yale University.

Most Underrated Cities in Europe

Helsinki, Finland pic

Helsinki, Finland

For nearly a decade, Nick Tonsich has served as the president and CEO of Ocean Terminal Services and Clean Air Engineering-Maritime. He previously served as a partner at Glaser & Tonsich, LLP and has served on numerous charitable and civic boards. In his free time, Nick Tonsich loves traveling to countries in Asia and Europe.

Tourists love visiting many of Europe’s most popular cities, such as London, Berlin, and Paris. However, the continent is full of cities that often go un-visited despite being just as unique and exciting. Below are some of the most underrated cities in Europe:

Belgrade, Serbia: a perfect destination for travelers in their 20s and 30s, Belgrade has developed its own interesting feel by adopting numerous styles. Although the city has had a rough history, it is still holding on to past while slowly creeping into the future. This gives many visitors the feeling of being in a time warp.

Helsinki, Finland: complete with trendy galleries and boutiques, and plenty of one-of-a-kind restaurants, Helsinki has been described as a combination of Stockholm and Copenhagen. This city is full of museums for those visitors who enjoy history and has a bustling nightlife for tourists who want a memorable experience.

Bibury, England: despite being featured in a number of paintings and other artwork, Bibury has been largely ignored by tourists who favor visiting London. This city is ideal for nature-loving travelers and is a great place for those who want to relax. Visitors can enjoy calming strolls around the city streets or go on horseback through its breathtaking country scenery.